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Logan Turner
Logan Turner

BONEWORKS Free [2021]

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Sandbox features a large amount of player jurisidiction over game mechanics. For instance, base health, immortality and death speed can all be modified. It also allows the utility gun to be freely spawned from the menu.

Boneworks, which released at the tail-end of last year, cast players as a virtual security director, setting them loose within Monogon Industries' artificial intelligence operating system, Myth OS. What that amounts to its reality is a fairly ludicrous sandbox playground, where players are free to grip, yank, climb, toss, wave, heave, and shoot pretty much anything they can get their hands on as they traverse Boneworks' expansive environs, solving puzzles and generally delighting in the unfolding goofy mayhem.

"The way this game recreates real-world physics in a virtual world is just unbelievable," wrote a very impressed Ian Higton last year, "and while there are certain ways to solve the game's many puzzles, this realism allows you to play in a free-form, experimental way and it actively encourages you to cheat puzzles if you're able to think outside of the box...I've not felt this sense of 'being' in a game since my brain tricked me into feeling the G-Force as flew fighter planes in Ace Combat 7 VR." 041b061a72

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