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Austin Murphy
Austin Murphy Professional 19.3 With Registration Key Professional 20.7- program font was changed- loading speed was Professional 20.5- Loading speed was increased- Program size was Professional 20.3- Google Chrome was added to Privacy- Opera Browser was added to Privacy- FireFox was added to Privacy- MS Edge was added to Privacy- Defend button was fixed- Privacy icons were updated- lng files were Professional 20.0- program interface was changed for 125% dpi- Erasure dialog was changed- Status Bar size was changed- menu font was updated- program font was changed- *.log1, *.log2, *.etl masks were added + german.lng, polish.lng were Professional 19.5- Analysing algorithm was updated- Korean.lng was Professional 19.3- Version 19.3 (April 03, 2019) + Scan Files algorithm was optimized + software compiler was Professional 19.0- ScanReg algorithm was updated- Minor changes of interface- Polish.lng was updated- Turkish.lng was updated- Bug of CleanUn Analyse button was Professional 18.7- Change log not available for this Professional 18.5- additional Clean Folders were added- Excludes list was updated- Scan Files busy-folders algorithm was added- .log mask was added (disabled by default)- List View sorting bug was Professional 18.3.1- Change log not available for this Professional 18.2.1- Outlook mail problem was fixed- Minor changes of interface- Dutch(nederlands).lng was updated- French.lng was updated- Polish.lng was updated- Spanish.lng were Professional 18.0.1- Scan Files main algorithm was updated- Scan Registry main algorithm was updated- system busy files are excluded- system busy registry keys are excluded- System Status dialog was updated- System Status algorithms were updated- lng-files were updated- exclude lists of Scan Registry were updated- exclude lists saves positions- a bug with .exe. and .dll. extentions was fixed- minor Professional 17.10.1- Scan Files patterns were updated- TweakUI options were changed- Additional dialogs were Professional 17.9.1- Display arrows on icons' algorithm was fixed- Invalid Add/Remove Links' algorithm was fixed- /n mastake of .lng files was fixed- dutch(nederlands).lng was updated- spanish.lng was Professional 17.7.1- additional ProgressBar for Dup Files was added- Status Bar information of Dup Files was changed- Scan Status clearing every start- lng-files were updated- Start/Stop bug of Dup Files was fixed- freezing bug of Dup Files was fixed- incorrect amount of enumirating files was fixed- interface bug was fixed- DestroyIcon() bug was Professional 17.6.1- MS Windows XP compatibility as normal- Polish.lng was updated- loading problem was Professional 17.5.1- Additional dialogs were added- Process List algorithm was changed- Kill Process algorithm was updated- Sort-columns were added- Status Bar for Process List was added- Service List algorithm was updated- Polish.lng was Professional 17.4.1- Windows 10 v.1703 compatible- 21-day trial period problem was fixed- compiler of program was updated- new sign-key was Professional 17.3.1- Main algorithms were updated- Bmp-pictures were updated- Minor changes of interface- Lng-files were Professional 17.2.1- SysWOW64 path was added in Control Panel tab- Screen Savers tab was updated for Windows 10- Minor changes of interface- Lng-files were Professional 17.0.0- Program interface was updated- Tweak UI tool was updated- Loading speed was increased Professional 19.3 With Registration Key

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