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Wardstone Chronicles: Download Free Epub Books of the Spook's Series

Wardstone Chronicles: A Dark Fantasy Series by Joseph Delaney

If you are a fan of dark fantasy, horror, and adventure, you might want to check out Wardstone Chronicles, a series of books written by British author Joseph Delaney. Also known as The Spook's Books or The Last Apprentice in some countries, this series follows the life of Tom Ward, a young boy who becomes an apprentice to a Spook, a master fighter of supernatural evil. Along with his mentor John Gregory, his friend Alice Deane, and other allies, Tom faces various threats from witches, ghosts, boggarts, and even the Devil himself.

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In this article, we will give you an overview of what the Wardstone Chronicles are about, why you should read them, and how you can download free epub versions of them online.

What are the Wardstone Chronicles about?

The Wardstone Chronicles are set in a fictional version of England called "the County", where magic and monsters are real. The story spans over several years, from Tom's apprenticeship at age 13 to his adulthood at age 18. Along the way, he learns how to deal with various creatures that serve "the Dark", a malevolent force that opposes "the Light". He also discovers his own destiny, which is linked to a prophecy that foretells the end of the world.

The series has a total of 13 books, each focusing on a different adventure or challenge that Tom and his allies have to overcome. The books are narrated by different characters, mainly Tom, but also Alice, Grimalkin (a witch assassin), and Slither (a creature trader). The books are full of action, suspense, mystery, and horror, as well as some humor and romance. The series also explores themes such as courage, loyalty, friendship, morality, and fate.

The Wardstone Chronicles books

Here is a list of the 13 books in the Wardstone Chronicles series and their publication dates:

  • The Spook's Apprentice (2004)

  • The Spook's Curse (2005)

  • The Spook's Secret (2006)

  • The Spook's Battle (2007)

  • The Spook's Mistake (2008)

  • The Spook's Sacrifice (2009)

  • The Spook's Nightmare (2010)

  • The Spook's Destiny (2011)

  • The Spook's: I Am Grimalkin (2011)

  • The Spook's Blood (2012)

  • The Spook's: Slither's Tale (2012)

  • The Spook's: Alice (2013)

  • The Spook's Revenge (2013)

Below, we will give you a brief overview of each book and what you can expect from them.

The Spook's Apprentice

This is the first book in the series and the one that introduces us to the main characters and the world of the Wardstone Chronicles. We meet Tom Ward, a seventh son of a seventh son who has a special gift for seeing and sensing things that others can't. He is chosen by John Gregory, the local Spook, to be his apprentice and learn how to protect the County from the Dark. Tom leaves his family farm and moves in with Gregory in his isolated house near a haunted graveyard. There, he begins his training, which involves learning how to deal with boggarts, ghosts, and witches. He also meets Alice Deane, a young girl who claims to be his friend but has a dark secret of her own. Together, they face their first enemy: Mother Malkin, an evil witch who wants to kill Tom and unleash her family of bloodthirsty creatures.

This book was adapted into a movie in 2015, titled The Seventh Son, starring Ben Barnes as Tom Ward and Jeff Bridges as John Gregory. However, the movie was not well-received by critics and fans, as it changed many aspects of the original story and characters.

The Spook's Curse

This is the second book in the series and the one that takes us to a new location: Priestown, a large city where religion and politics are intertwined. Tom and Gregory go there to deal with a dangerous threat: the Bane, a powerful and ancient evil that lurks under the cathedral. However, they also have to face another enemy: the Quisitor, a ruthless witch-hunter who wants to burn anyone who practices or associates with magic. Tom and Alice find themselves in grave danger as they try to escape from both foes. They also learn more about their pasts and their futures, as well as the nature of the Dark.

The Spook's Secret

This is the third book in the series and the one that takes us to another new location: Greece, where Gregory's mentor lived and died. Tom and Gregory travel there to retrieve some valuable books that contain secrets about the Dark. They also hope to find some answers about Tom's mother, who was born in Greece and has some mysterious connections to the Dark. However, they soon realize that they are not welcome there, as they encounter hostile locals, dangerous creatures, and ancient traps. They also have to deal with an old enemy: Morgan, a former apprentice of Gregory who turned to the Dark and wants revenge.

The Spook's Battle

This is the fourth book in the series and the one that takes us back to the County, where a new threat emerges: the Pendle witches. These are three clans of powerful witches who live in Pendle Hill and have been at war with each other for generations. However, they are now planning to unite and summon their master: the Fiend, the father of all evil. Tom and Gregory have to stop them before they unleash chaos and destruction on the world. They also have to deal with another problem: Alice 71b2f0854b

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