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Download and Install Google Play Store APK on Amazon Fire Devices

1) Upload your Google play download file to VirusTotal: Acquired by Google in 2012, VirusTotal is a free online scanning tool that can analyze any suspicious APK files to detect malware or viruses. The scanner also allows you to analyze files using URLs and more. Simply copy-paste the URLs into the ViruToral Search.

I have the fire HD 8 tablet with 12the gen. I followed the instructions found the Google play services for arm 64 and 11. But when I download YouTube TV it says I need to download play services when I try to open YTTV

google play store apk free download for kindle fire

Download File:

Google Play may be the staple app store for Android users, but it is nice to have a handy alternative. Amazon Appstore offers some cool features and can even help you save money with its daily free app offering. If you are looking for another place to download your favorite programs, this app is perfect for you.

Hello, I have replied recently to this post, and since I just got my Kindle Fire 10, I found a workaround that allows me to download Canvas for Students to my Kindle Fire 10 Plus. I have Canvas on my Fire now and it works really well. If you don't mind going outside the box, How-To Geek has the perfect bypass for downloading the Google Play Store to your Kindle. The step-by-step instructions were easy enough for me to follow without making any mistakes. Here is their link: -to-install-the-google-play-store-on-your-amazon-fire-tablet/

To my understanding, you can use amazon's IAP only if you download the app from the amazon app-store. In order words, your app has to be setup so that use amazon IAP if it was downloaded via amazon, use google IAP if it was downloaded via the android market. If you want to use the same apk to handle both situation, you need to implements two mechanism.

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