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Hanging Mobile Toys

From crib toys to mobiles to play gym toys, our collection of German-designed hanging toys has something for every child to enjoy. Discover the perfect baby toy for your bundle of joy when you shop HABA USA!

hanging mobile toys

At HABA USA, we take pride in providing a range of delightful, high-quality toys for children of all ages. All of our toys, which are designed in Germany, offer open-ended and long-lasting play value. We believe that children learn best through play, after all.

Our toys also stand out for being able to connect parents, children, and whole generations. We are so confident that you and your little one will love our toys that we guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

Parents who have never used Montessori mobiles despite raising kids the Montessori way will probably say mobiles are non-essentials. Those who have tried them might disagree because they have seen how babies respond to Montessori mobiles.

During their first six months, babies develop their eyesight slowly. Having a mobile hanging at the right height and angle and with the right details like color and motion can help encourage visual tracking.

Undisturbed time to watch the mobile will provide your infant the maximum results from these Montessori mobiles. Your baby will let you know when they are overstimulated from the mobiles by looking away.

This will be the first mobile you should offer your newborn. You can begin using this mobile at birth, but it can be used all the way until six months of age if you did not begin using mobiles right away.

The Munari mobile is made of black and white shapes in a two-dimensional display. In this mobile, there can be spheres, lines, abstract shapes, and rods. The high contrast colors of black and white are best seen by infants with newly developing eyesight. Soft or muted colors are difficult for newborns to see.

Primary colors are used in Octahedron Mobiles because a baby is able to notice the difference between the high contrasted bold colors. The shapes in these mobiles are octahedrons made with triangles with all equal sides.

You can drill the bracket into the wall where you want the mobile to hang. Then find a long piece of ribbon or rope and wrap it through a key ring. Place the key ring through the plant bracket and then add another key ring through the ribbon and hot glue or super glue the ends of the ribbons together. The second key ring will sit at the bottom of the ribbon. This is where the mobile will hang on. This method makes it very easy to switch out the different types of mobiles when your baby is ready.

Amazon is a great choice if you want to buy a pack of mobiles for a decent price. This handmade set of four Montessori Baby Mobiles includes a Munari Mobile, Gobbi Mobile, Octahedron Mobile, and the Dancers Mobile.

On Etsy, you will find multiple shops that sell these mobiles along with a few that send you just the supplies if you would like to make your own mobiles for your baby without searching out each piece of material.

Eguchi Toys draws inspiration from Japanese simplicity for its handmade wooden toys. Designed by a former Montessori teacher, each toy is designed to advance children's development and creativity through play. From mobile birds to animal puzzles, each is a delightful companion for curious minds.

Help ease your baby to sleep with the automatic gliding motion, soothing sounds, spinning star toys, twinkling lights and soft-glow nightlight on the iComfort Auto Gliding Bassinet. Brought to you by Serta, the leader in mattress innovation and technology, this bassinet will make it easier than ever for baby to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

The Gobbi mobile is an essential Montessori toy. These beautiful, airy mobiles are made from a single color spheres in varying shades. They are then hung at a 45 degree angle, with the darkest color hung the lowest and the lightest color in the highest position.

This mobile helps babies work on their visual discrimination skills. The slight change in color is both intriguing and beautiful. And, it will grab baby' s attention in a big way. The Gobbi mobile is the third in the Montessori visual mobile series. It is often introduced between six and eight weeks, sometimes a bit later.

Below are the steps I took to make one. I recommend that an adult do the assembling, like drilling, adding hook eye screws to toys, and stringing plastic lacing cord through the paddles, then recruit the kids to help string on the beads and toys.

Have you ever watched a baby watching a mobile, mesmerized? Eventually, they may become so relaxed that they simply fall asleep. Many mobiles feature peaceful relaxing themes, such as sheep, moons and stars, or owls. Often accompanied by peaceful music, these mobiles help your baby relax and even fall asleep.

You can make the mobile a part of your sleep routine. For example, you might give your baby a bath, read a book, and then put them in their crib with the mobile on. That way, your baby will come to associate bedtime with the peaceful mobile.

Ultimately, mobiles are a wonderful and beneficial addition to the nursery. With mobiles, babies slowly improve their visual development, motor coordination, language development, and may even relax and fall asleep.

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