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Amicale de Loisirs de Côte d'Or

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Austin Murphy
Austin Murphy

Undead Slayer Hack Tool Working And Tested

The wand of draining is a new wand introduced in SLASH'EM and dNethack. Similar to a spellbook of drain life, it casts an unreflectable beam which drains a level from its target monster. Like the spellbook, it also drains enchantment (one point at a time) from armor and weapons, and charges from rings, wands, and chargeable tools.

Undead Slayer hack Tool Working and Tested

With cities deserted, who needs doors when you have a chainsaw? This beauty is top of our top 10 tools you need for the zombie apocalypse and sports a gas-sipping 38.2cc 2-stroke motor that will run on a 50:1 gas/oil mix and remain more or less indestructible over the long haul. But you know what? Since Husqvarna dealers are just about everywhere, you can just pick up a new one if you, I dunno, get it embedded in the femur of a former-NFL-nose-tackle-gone-undead.

Item ID="181"Stun Gun Desc: This tool fires a large jolt of electricity into an assailant, knocking them to the ground. This weapon is effective on both human and undead targets - but obviously remaining a better weapon against humans, who will remain stunned for a while after the attack.

Item ID="914"Disaster Axe Desc: Modeled after the crash axes used by civilian firefighters and military forces, this weapon was obviously created for and marketed to the most serious of survivalists. Featuring sturdy construction, a no-slip handle, and an extra-long pick at the end, this weapon is apparently as useful for scaling ice walls as it is prying open cars, clubbing off locks, and hacking apart the undead. Which is to say - very! Strength required: 3

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