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Cyberghost VPN Review (SPECIAL EDITION)

I have also explored other ways to know more about the products and services of CyberGhost VPN. As a matter of fact, I can direct my additional queries and concerns by sending an e-mail to I can use the e-mail address to seek help and guidance regarding the technical problems I might experience on both the desktop client version and the web user interface of the virtual private network platform. I can also fill up an online customer support form that can be found in the customer support web page of CyberGhost VPN to contact the virtual private network provider.

cyberghost VPN review (SPECIAL EDITION)


pricing; the fact that the pricing system for the vpn is one that encompasses every user is one that is lovable as regardless of what your budget is, you are sure to find a subscription plan that works for you, only that, you will have access to the internet protection service for a shorter period of time than those who pay more. For instance, when you pay for a month's subscription, you have access to the vpn's features for a short period of time as against someone who paid for a year's subscription who will have unmetered access to the vpn's services and features for a full year.With cyberghost vpn, you are presented with plethora of choices, which means regardless of any popular operating system you are on i.e. windows, iphone, android or linux, they have got you covered as they have an app for every platform out there.Servers; cyberghost security team while trying to beat server congestion that will most likely slow down user experience and internet speed, their server count has been doubled to accommodate each and every of their subscribers without making them wait for a server to become less congested before putting up their internet shield.Log free; this is my best feature of cyberghost vpn, as paying for a vpn that tracks your online activities while that was what you paid to be protected against in the first place is not worth it.Speed; as against the vpn apps i have used earlier before coming across cyberghost vpn, i do not experience any crawl while surfing.

Price; regardless of the fact that cyberghost vpn has got a subscription category for everyone, their services still feel expensive when compared to other alternatives out there, it has an undisputed fact that they offer a top-notch service but the pricing can be better.User interface; as earlier mentioned in the pros, i have used a lot of vpn apps and i have seen ones with better user interface design that makes it easy for both new users and old timers alike to get around and get things done without tinkering about what option is embedded in what menu. Cyberghost vpn team has a lot of work to do in enhancing their interface to be competitive with the others.

the great thing about cyberghost is that they give you a chance to try out their product by offering you a free spot to try out their VPN even before you pay for it and the quality is good they and it also has additional features such as malware protection online.

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