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Logan Turner
Logan Turner

M R Sa .rar

My need: I need to be able to scan a folder, find any .rar files, extract the files in place, and delete the associated .rar afterwards. Each may also have the .r00, .r01, ... files associated, so those need to be deleted afterwards as well.

M r Sa .rar

after the unrar in the loop above will do the job. The second parameter is used to create all possible .r04 suffixes by first stripping away the suffix ($rarfile%%.rar) and then iterating from 0 to 9 twice to get all possible combinations (run echo foo0..9 in bash to see how it works). As most of these file names do not exist, I've added -f as an option to avoid error messages.

I inserted the USB drive into my laptop. It had one .rar file, and it was 16GB in the USB drive. It was named "DeadPrinter.rar". I extracted the .rar file, and I looked in it, and it only had one file, and it was named "DeadPrinter.avi". I looked to see what the file's size is, and... WHAT!? Only 10 Megabytes!?

It is located in different places on different operating systems. If the map came in a .zip or .rar file, then the player should use a program like Winrar or 7Zip to extract it before proceeding with this step. 041b061a72

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