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Amicale de Loisirs de Côte d'Or

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Austin Murphy
Austin Murphy

FULLpcstudybible5 !EXCLUSIVE!

i see a lot of argument about plug-in quality, pricing, etc, but one thing i've never heard anyone say is, "i don't like stylus's samples, i don't like stylus's sounds, but what a nice way to make the sounds i do like."


it's something of an understatement to say that stylus are the best digital drummers currently available, and when you look at a sample like women's health  (shown above), you can hear the difference right away. hearsay has always said stylus's samples have some of the best live and acoustic parts of any sample instrument available, and the stylus rmx samples continue this tradition. i'm the first to admit that the quality of stylus's sounds is far behind the best of any competitor. it's a massive step forward from stylus to make your own wet sounds from digital drum samples. and all the goodness is right in there for the asking, from classic '70s funk samples with real open hi-hats, tom rides and cymbal crashes in the main section of the sample to more modern '90s-era kick drum sounds, kick drums, snares, claps and hats with a bit of sassy tom percussion thrown in.

stylus rmx samples come as.wav files, so for the ones that you have stored on your computer you could just drag and drop them straight into the fruity loops timeline (or any other sequencer). this is possible for the drum and percussion stems, but not for the samples of the keyboards which are mostly.aiff files.

sticking to the stylus rmx tools, it's also easy to layer the loops in the groove module as you would with any other sample sound. duplicate the loop on a second channel and record an arrangement to which you want to add a beat to, and drag that onto the stylus rmx vst or audio unit plug-in. once you have finished editing, drag the duplicate loop back into the groove module so the beat sequence won't change. the same process applies to the stylus rmx multi-mode power filter, where the output of one track can be sent to an output channel, along with one or more loops, into the power filter.

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