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Austin Murphy
Austin Murphy

Dell Broadcom Ush Driver Windows 7 Download ((LINK))

Attempting to install the control point security exe on the support page will not work. After downloading, I am given the message that I am attempting to install a 32 bit driver on a 64 bit machine EVEN THOUGH I selected the win7 64 bit option from the support page. Beyond that, some of the drivers (Which are confusing to read and hard to understand what they do) and the system utilities which are supposedly supposed to make this process simpler will either a) not run because they are 32 bit exe's or b) the support page cannot find the file attempted to download.

dell broadcom ush driver windows 7 download


Is there anything I can do to get (at the very least) my wireless running, but idealistically all of my drivers. A solution which assumes Dell is completely incompetent would be ideal. :P Some forums have said that I should download the chipset driver, others say to get the system utility file (DSS_UTIL_WIN_R282536.EXE). I have had no luck as of yet...

The Dell Latitude E6320 comes with one of 3 wifi cards. My machine came with an Intel N 6205. I downloaded the Intel WiFi Link 6205 drivers from the Dell site and everything works fine now.

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