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Austin Murphy
Austin Murphy

Read Ebook Wholefood For Children : Nourishing Young Children With Whole And Organic Foods By Jude B

Unfortunately, I entered into a dysfunctional culture so focused on the science of performance that fundamentals were being ignored and becoming bottlenecks. Coursing through the world of elite cycling, the sport I chose as my professional focus, was a gold vein of potential fueled by young athletes who lacked the basic life skills they needed to take care of themselves and each other. They were adult children. Instead of legends and giants, I found people disconnected from their homes, families, and friends, trying to perform their best under an enormous amount of pressure. Despite being part of a team, these remarkably talented athletes in the prime of their lives spent a significant amount of their time alone and lonely. Athletes will gladly go to extremes with their training and diet, all in the name of performance. The sad reality, however, is that too often the goal of performance pushes athletes into a withdrawn lifestyle that is innately selfish and isolating. Trying to manage a sport-specific diet can add to that isolation.

Read ebook Wholefood for children : nourishing young children with whole and organic foods by Jude B

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