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As a non-fundamentalist Christian, I remember when the Tim LaHaye book (on which this is based) came about. It stirred a lot of excitement in those fundamentalist circles. I was never especially interested in it; never read it. To be honest I wasn't especially interested in the movie either (and never watched the earlier Kirk Cameron version.) But - hey - it's on Netflix; I had a free afternoon. How bad could it really be? Well, pretty bad. It isn't as awful as some people say it is. To be honest, the actual moment of rapture was kind of well done. People's clothes just dropping to the ground as they disappear leaving everybody else with either mouths agape or screaming in terror. It was kind of cool. And it's true that millions of people (whether Christians or anyone else) just simply disappearing all at the same time would cause chaos around the world - although we didn't see much of the world. Just a bit of New York City and mostly the airplane.You see, most of this movie is set on an airplane. Nicolas Cage plays the pilot - Captain Ray Steele (which is a kind of a cool name - kudos to LaHaye for coming up with it in the novel.) The Steele family is divided. Ray and his daughter Chloe (Cassi Thomson) are non- believers (Ray's having an affair with a flight attendant played by Nicky Whelan), while Irene (mom) and Raymie (young son) must be believers - 'cause they get taken to heaven, meaning we don't see much of them. I thought the scenes on the plane were semi- believable at times. Passengers had a variety of reactions - aliens or time travel or conspiracy or whatever. There were times of panic - although by the end everybody seemed surprisingly calm. There's a wee bit of suspense as the plane approaches New York City with no fuel. But overall the story and characters were pretty weak.As for the theology, or at least the moral message? Well, first of all all children go to heaven. Because we get told that there are no children left. No age was attached. Do you get a free pass to heaven until you're - 10? 13? 16? I don't know. And, boy, once those Christians are gone it turns out that most of those who are left are looters or related thug-like folks, because there's lots of looting. And most of the Christians who were portrayed before the rapture were of the - shall we say - extremist variety, so this is clearly a triumphalistic sort of message from the fundamentalist community - come over to our side because we're gonna win! And there was really no great attempt to explain the idea of the rapture. It's not an idea that's universally accepted among Christians, and it's really a kind of bizarre idea. This is obviously supposed to be a sort of religious propaganda; an evangelistic tool meant to unfortunately scare people into believing that they better believe or this terrible thing is going to happen and you're gonna be "left behind." But scaring people into faith rarely works in my experience, and if it does it calls into serious question the very reason why a person would believe. The Christian faith as I understand it is supposed to put the focus on caring for others; this kind of evangelism tells you that you should be worried about yourself. And there's that irritating song that closed the movie out that I hadn't heard in years. "I wish we'd all been ready. ... The Son has come, and you've been left behind."This isn't as absolutely horrible as some people say it is - although I wouldn't have objected to being raptured during it. I could have seen that as an act of divine mercy. Of course, I wasn't raptured during it, but I will confess that I fell asleep and missed the last 20 minutes of it - but I was interested enough to go back and see how it ended. Everything's kind of left up in the air - maybe leaving open the possibility of a sequel, since there have been Lord knows how many books in the series. I doubt that will happen. I would think this has a very niche market. Fundamentalist Christians might yearn for more. Others (like me) might check it out on Netflix, but I certainly wouldn't pay to see a sequel in a theatre or specifically rent a DVD of a sequel. (3/10)

left behind 2014 br rip 720p movies torrents


(Possible spoilers). Borrowing a line from Roger Ebert, I hated, hated, hated this movie. I have seen over 2000 movies in my life and I think I may rank this one dead last. No matter what category you choose, this movie is an inferior product. The acting is below the quality of most TV dramas. Never once did I believe in the characters as people rather than as actors being put through their paces. There is one scene where a young woman hugs her father with the same emotion as if she were hugging a telephone pole. The acting is so wooden that one is inclined to avert his eyes. The special effects were primitive, even by 1950 standards. I was hoping to be entertained by the science fiction aspects of this movie, but being disappointed understates my reaction. The main event of the story is the rapture - where all the "good" people are simultaneously taken to heaven by Jesus. In fact the good people do disappear about a quarter of the way into the film, but not once do we get to see an actual disappearance. We just see clothes left behind. I always thought the idea was that people's souls ascended to heaven while the body was left behind. But in this movie it appears that Jesus wants naked bodies in heaven. Big opportunities were missed by not allowing us to see the immediate effects of people being yanked off the planet - cars crashing, planes going down, dishes clattering to the floor, surgeries stopped in mid-stream, nuclear power plants going unmanned, dogs unleashed on their walks, and so forth. We see none of this actually happening. At best we get shots of the aftermath, like a multi-car accident, or passengers in a plane trying to figure out what happened. All the interesting stuff is left out and all we see is some obviously staged after effect shots. The only reasons I can think of for this are either a lack of imagination or a limited budget. The music is unremarkable - some generic rock music (a transparent attempt to appeal to a younger audience) and a few swelling crescendos to accompany the "experiencing the awe of God" scenes. But the worst thing about this movie is the horrendous screenplay. The script could have been written in a way to engage us in honest thought as to what constitutes a good life - the ultimate moral question. But, judging from the people who are taken in the rapture in this movie, it seems that the only good people are the devout Christians and children. This does not seem to me to be realistic. For one thing, based on my recollections of childhood, I recall an amazing number of acts of undisguised meanness. Should all children be given a free pass to heaven? And most of the people left behind seemed like pretty decent sorts to me - I would liked to have had more information as to just why they were left behind. We are given no first-hand knowledge of the people who were taken, so it is hard to compare their qualifications for being taken with those who are left behind. And one has to question the beneficence of a God who would, through an act of supposed kindness, cause such chaos and grief on earth - a loving mother ripped from her family, children taken, planes crashing, cars crashing, communication broken down, and so forth. The ultimate message seems to be: turn to the Bible, family, and God. Is this message something we have never heard before? It is hard to know who this movie is aimed at. I guess for Christians the sermon delivered here is an affirmation of their faith, but for non-Christians this is a sermon they have endured ad nauseam. Give your money to your favorite charity, don't give it in support of such worthless nonsense as "Left Behind." If this commentary can save one person from seeing this movie, then the time I have spent writing it will not have been spent in vain.

While traveling in an airplane, the GNN journalist Buck Williams (Kirk Cameron) and the airline pilot Rayford Steele (Brad Johnson) note that many passengers mysteriously vanished. When they land, they realize that the disappearance of children and some adults is a worldwide happening. Later, Rayford finds that these events are described in the Holy Bible and indeed those who stay on earth were left behind, and the Antichrist will born on the next years. Although having a screenplay a little confused and being boring in some parts, 'Left Behind' is a good movie, and has an intelligent story. In accordance with the Extras on the DVD, the best seller 'Left Behind' is the most sold and one of the top ten of the Twentieth Century. I believe that religious persons will love this movie, but even atheistic will like it. My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): 'Deixados Para Trás' ('Left Behind')

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