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Amicale de Loisirs de Côte d'Or

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Austin Murphy
Austin Murphy

Customize Your Steam Content with Phoenix Launcher 1.4 Beta 7

You can upload (and download) a TopoActive map to your watch in the same way. Just select the map, and click Upload TopoActive Map. You can also update your map there (and download a map if you want to). Note that maps are updated when it plugs in, or the device is connected to a computer. Also, you have to have a topo active map to upload, and no, you cannot make a TopoActive Map from a GPX/KML file (you can make a GPX/KML file from a TopoActive map, though. You can also upload a route to your watch if you want, or download a route from your watch, but note that there isnt any point in downloading routes, since you can just drag them to your watch to upload. Finally, one last thing. If you want to upload a new map, one that you just made, you cant do that on your watch, you have to do it on a computer, and then itll be on your watch. Its a limitation of how the sdk works. However, if you have a bigger screen on your watch (or if you have a bigger computer), you can look at it in greater detail, select the region you want, and just upload a map. Then you can click'select region' on the watch to download the map, then click upload if you want to use it on your watch. This is all not part of the sdk though. Its just custom third-party stuff.

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I am just getting back from the gym and it told me my HR was about 145. It was a tough run with over 40% incline at mile 8. I tried to download the detailed HR data, but the watch told me there was a problem and I needed to plug it in.

Before doing that, I want to show you the New Up Ahead feature on the watch. Theres no additional configuration to do this, as it is configured automatically by following the guidelines in the Phoenix manual here . Since Im on a route Im looking at, you will see that all of the waypoints on the route are automatically tagged to appear as a marker for the upcoming turn. It does this by color matching the marker based on the distance (by default, if you use the previous default style of markers, i.e. markers with a red outline for waypoints and blue for waypoints before and after). You can select from 5 distance style markers: Red, blue, yellow, green, cyan. No other configuration is required. When the new active marker with the red outline is selected, the immediate next turn will be highlighted, and its accompanying marker is automatically replaced with the new marker. If you continue following the route, it will color in all of the upcoming waypoints the same way. But it will show you both the waypoints with the old and new markers if you turn around, backtrack, or stop.

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